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The global business account that saves you time and money

Novel members avoid thousands on transfer fees, get access to modern digital tools like contractor payouts, and save one week every month managing their finances.

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Powering finance for global brands

Built for global business owners

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U.S. residents and non-US beneficial owners are both eligible for Novel accounts. We support beneficial owners of US businesses in all countries not listed in our unsupported countries list. Eligibility is based on where you currently live, not where you’re from.

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+165 more countries
Unsupported countries:
Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burundi, Central African Republic, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Nicaragua, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, Yemen, and Zimbabwe

Built for global businesses of every shape, size, and color

Discover how Novel can help streamline your business finance operations
For eCommerce businesses small and large. Whether you own one brand or many, manage your finances all in one place using Novel.
  • Set up multiple accounts and manage multiple brands in one place
  • Issue unlimited virtual cards for media buying
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For global agency or consulting businesses serving clients everywhere. Easily onboard, manage, and pay staff or vendors and collect payments from clients with ease.
  • Receive payouts in 100+ currencies from 170+ countries
  • Pay out staff or contractors from a single place
  • Manage expenses with virtual and physical cards
  • Automate bookkeeping with direct integrations into accounting providers
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Freelancer - Fly solo with best in class financial tools for your business.
  • Get paid by clients
  • Pay for services directly with your Novel card
  • Earn interest on deposits and cashback on your spend
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Manage, track, and transfer funds all in one place as an investor.
  • Earn up to 3% on LP deposits
  • Send wires and international wires for free to fund startups
  • Pay contractors or staff directly
  • View reports on overall spend
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Better than financial services you’ve used before

Every Novel account comes with best-in-class financial tools that help you save more and move faster.

What happens in your account, stays in your account

We don’t sell any transaction data to anyone, ever. No exceptions.

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phone describing novel transactions

Secure by default and reversible if mistakes happen

Sign in and transfers require 2FA using TOTP on web and Touch ID on mobile
Our system checks every transfer against baseline activity typical for your account and flags anomalies for your review
If something unauthorized happens, members can call our direct line and reach a fraud team in minutes to help stop or reverse the transaction
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A business account built for people on-the-go

Download the Novel app on the app store to use your account on the move

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Or download via QR Code

Everything you need and more

Deposit Checks Anywhere
Apple & Google Pay Wallets
Physical Contactless Smart Card
In-App Phone and Chat Support
FDIC Insured up to 250,000
100+ currencies supported

Unlock greater speed and control with software-driven financial operations

Onboard and manage money as a team
Set up accounts and permissions for team members all in one place
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Enable bookkeepers and accounting to close books faster
Connect your Novel account to Quickbooks or Xero directly and get all your data in one go
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Streamline paying a global team
Invite your team to submit
their bank information and automate payouts on any schedule. Setup, review, and submit in minutes.
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Start building your
online business today
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