New updates and improvements to Novel.

May 14, 2021
recent activity


  • Show transaction status (pending and declined)
  • New & Improved Sign Up & Sign In Pages


  • Changed columns in recent activity dashboard widget (Account -> Method)
  • Style changes for layout (sidebar sizing and padding)
  • Style changes for dashboard (shadows, chart size and header spacing)
  • Style changes for cards page
  • Update Recent Activity dashboard widget
  • Added help center and support


  • Substantial performance improvements in the app (minimized unnecessary requests and sped up page load speed)
  • Fixed app usability in contractors view
  • Fixed error handling for international wire transfers

Upcoming Changes

  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Post Onboarding Verification
  • Improved Mobile Experience

April 29, 2021
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  • New notifications page (You can see all and older notifications in a notifications page)
  • New owners verification page (Owners will receive a link where they can verify their information)
  • Save recipients (You can use previous information of a recipient in a new transfer)


  • Fixed payroll history
  • Improved and added transactions filters
  • Improved onboard experience
  • Improved international transfer's experience
  • Style changes for settings, contractors, and invoicing pages
  • Style changes for emails

Coming Soon

  • Performance improvements